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    I found and purchased an interesting book on Ebay "Manual of Athletic Requirements US Naval Academy ~ 1933"

    On the Inside there is a photo( glued into the inside cover) of a William L. Thompson class of 1939 in two poses.
    One is from the front and one is from the rear.
    I believe it is to show fitness overall and Mr. Thompson is in front of a grid delineated I think for symetry of form. Mr. Thompson is naked except for an athletic supporter. His height, weight, class, and age in years and months are in the photo as they were written on a chalk board for the photo.

    Inside the rear cover is a grid with swim test, cross chest, resucitation and others and stamped dates and signatures of I assume instructers.

    The body of the work outlines how to play all the sports that were available in 1933 with photos and charts and graphs including plays that were to be used in football and soccer and others. The coolest one is a chapter named "Rough and Tumble" which is a early self defense primer. Even an early version of th PRT table.

    The photos (hundreds) are a priceless snapshot of the times and the personal stuff written by Mr. Thompson lets a person feel the past.

    If Anyone knows how I find out if Mr. Thompson is still alive and or his descendants. I am sure they would like to see it. I would make some copies of the photos.

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    Wow - this is cool stuff.

    Maybe you want to contact the alumni association or perhaps the Academy has a historical archive department?
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    I just wanna be a fly on the wall when the pictures of grandpa wearing nothing but a jock strap arrive.