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    Hi all, new to the forums here. I am in a bit of a complicated situation as I am not a citizen but am set to receive it by December of 2017. I am a current high school senior, about to graduate in June and set to go to Rutgers University for the 2016-2017 school year. I will enlist into the Army Reserves on July 11th, 2016. I will be sent to BCT/AIT almost a year after swearing in, around the September/October 2017 time. I am wondering, if I complete one year of college at Rutgers University but try to gain an appointment to West Point, how would I go about this? I understand that I would need to get a Commander's Endorsement and 3 evaluations from my CoC, but other than that, how would it work? Because I am not a citizen, I would not be eligible to begin my application until December 2017 (When I naturalize as a citizen).
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    1) you wouldn't be able to compete as a Soldier until you complete at least basic AND receive your commander's endorsement - which might not happen out of Basic. That endorsement has to be received before 31 January - the nomination deadline. Your basic and AIT chain of command may differ to your normal chain of command at your reserve unit which could push back your ability to compete as a Soldier until the next (2022 or later) class.

    2) you can start and complete your application prior to gaining your citizenship, but your file will not be considered for qualification until documentation of naturalization is received. Again, going back to training timelines and a December naturalization, will you be able to get that paperwork into admissions before the February deadline for file completion?

    3) you are not limited to competing just as a Soldier and you could still apply for your MOC's nomination. In fact, given the timing of your training you should; however, it may be difficult to secure that nomination if you aren't able to respond to a nomination interview request.

    4) once you are in the application and identified as a Soldier, there is an RC that will work specifically with you as a Soldier that can talk you through the specifics of your application.
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    Why are you going to college for one year, laying out a year to go into the reserves, and then applying to the Academy? Why are you not going a second year to college? Money? What are you planning to do that second year when you are not drilling once a month in the Reserves?
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