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Oct 28, 2015
I am a yuk at West Point and am strongly considering resigning from the academy.

In my resignation papers, it says that I may receive an "other than honorable discharge". I inquired about that statement with my TAC and she said nearly all cadets who leave the academy do not receive honorable discharges. I have heard different from other TACs and instructors. And my plebe roomate received an honorable discharge when he resigned last year.

I can't find a likely answer because people claim both sides, that most cadets either do or do not receive an honorable discharge.

I was hoping someone may have more experience and can shed some light
Interesting. My son's roommate, a yuk also, resigned and outprocessed just a few weeks ago. Good student by all accounts. The Army just wasn't for him, he said.

I am not sure of the answer to your question. I know that a General Discharge can read "under honorable conditions" but it's not an Honorable Discharge. That confuses some people. Are you sure your plebe roommate didn't get a General Discharge under honorable conditions?
I would strongly recommend that you consult the JAGs at the USMA. My understanding is that an Other Than Honorable (OTH) Discharges are issued for misconduct usually criminal misconduct such as drug use, etc. Do not make any decisions or sign any documents until you have spoken with legal counsel. You have a right to an attorney, and each military installation including the USMA has JAGs assigned to represent soldiers/cadets. The JAGs you need to see are either at the Trial Defense Service (TDS) or Legal Assistance. They can explain to you the levels of discharges: Honorable, General, OTH, Bad-Conduct and Dishonorable. It has been my experience that entry-level (boot camp, OCS, etc) discharges without misconduct are usually General Discharges. You don't want an OTH because it can hamper your future employment and security clearances. Talk to a lawyer, it's free advice.
AWP7, my guess is the documents advise of the worst case scenario. If you have a clean record at AWP and are leaving without being kicked out, then you should be fine. I would recommend you talk with legal counsel and the admin folks to make sure you understand all the language in the separation package. A General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions were handed out to alot of folks that were admin separated in our units. There should be no reason you get an OTH unless you kicked out for some severe things.
If I recall correctly, and after a quick look at the JAGMAN:

There are two categories of discharges: administrative and punitive.

The punitives: Dishonorable (DD), and Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD) may be awarded as part of a sentence given after a formal military criminal law proceeding.

The administratives are what people get when separated or retired for all other routine reasons not related to the punishment being awarded in the situation noted above. These include Honorable, General under Honorable conditions, and General under Other Than Honorable. Conditions apply to each of these that relate to length of service, quality of service, status (entry program) and other factors. Best advice: ask JAG or Cadet Personnel Admin staff.

Please note only the punitives are heavyweight negative. The others are simply administrative in nature, which carry a characterization. Dishonorable Discharge is not to be confused with the General OTH.
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ArmyWestPoint7, I hope you will hang on until the end of the semester and then make the decision over Christmas break when you are rested and at home. My grad thought Yearling year was pretty awful too. But if you can slog through it, things do get better. Not easier, but better. It really is worth it in the end.
Are you leading your decision by emotion? Are you at a "down" point and when feeling better later might regret your decision? People make poor decisions when they are feeling depressed. There's a reason they call it "Yuk" year. It's particularly difficult in the emotions department. I agree with Dixieland. Get some distance from West Point at Christmas, feel better, and then think about your decision. You have until right before cow year starts to bail.
I came very close to quitting The Citadel my knob year but sure glad I stuck it out and would do it again. If a military school and military career truly aren't for you then don't beat a dead horse but don't be a quitter either. When the going gets tough the tough get going so learn to handle the stress and difficult times, it wont get any better out in the real world.
I can't speak for West Point but I can relate...I submitted my resignation four times at USAFA. Each time my AOC (think TAC officer) called me in and asked "Why?" I would lay out my reasons...he'd listen intently....and then each time he tore the paperwork up in front of me and said: "No...come back when you truly have a reason to resign..."

I hated him...passionately.

But...he was correct; I was quitting because of emotional reasons: 3 degree year at USAFA is miserable! You're not a doolie (plebe) but you're really a nobody...the academic load intensifies BIG TIME from doolie year, there's pressure to select a major, you have responsibilities for the doolies, and to the upperclasses, as well as all the ancillary things...your schedules goes to he**!

I stuck it out...and graduated in 1983.

And where ever he is tonight, Colonel Benjamin C. P**********, USAF, Ret., has my undying thanks!!!