Respiratory Question


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Mar 11, 2017
I come from a small midwestern town and when my kids and their friends were little we had a Dr. who seemed to diagnose every single kid with "Asthma."
They all walked around with inhalers for a couple of years but seldom if ever used them.
Now two of them are applying to service academies and freaking out about "Asthma" on the medical.
We're talking about multisport varsity athletes who haven't used an inhaler since age 8 or so. No respiratory issues.
Two questions: Since this occurred before age 13 should they even disclose it at all? And are medical records required pre age 13?
The whole "Have you ever ........" part got my son as he used an inhaler around age 8. He was quickly cleared with a spirometry test and wasn't an issue. He was also a multi sport athlete and weren't concerned but the DODMERB form didn't say from age 13. During the exam, the Dr didn't think it would be an issue and it wasn't. Hope this helps!
So the form said "Have you ever...?"
He replied "Yes at age 8."
They did a follow up test and it was no big deal?"
Thats a relief. I'll pass it on.
Yes, the question is have you ever so they truthfully need to answer yes and explain when it happened with no reoccurrence since.