Mar 28, 2017
I'm starting to work on my official resume to turn into my congressmen, as well as give to those I request recommendation letters from, and I have a few questions concerning what exactly I should include on it.

I was in a program called Odyssey of the Mind for about 7 yrs, and my team and I advanced to the state and world competitive levels quite a few time, and earned medals for it. Would this count as an award, and should I include it on my resume?

Also, I'm a member of one or two clubs that I participate in but don't play a really big role in. Should I include these on my resume, or just leave them out? I have a lot of other clubs that I hold leadership positions in, and while I do contribute to these clubs, I don't want to crowd up my resume with a bunch of stuff that looks like I just threw it on to say I did it.

Any other pointers on resumes would be greatly appreciated.

The resume is the place to completely boast about everything you have done, put it all out there. Do some of it, put it away, and come back to it, more things will come to you. Treat the resume as if it is for a job, because ultimately your goal is like a job.
Be prepared to explain anything you put on your resume as many people will ask for you to go into depth about them.