Returning to the Academy after Medical Turnback

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by NKPeterman, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Hello All,

    I had a couple quick questions. During BCT I suffered a broken foot, and as I could no longer complete BCT, was medically turned back. It was a huge disappointment to say the least, but at least I will be back for the Class of 2016. I recently recieved information in the mail, indicating that I am scheduled to return to the Academy 6 days after I-day-which struck me as a bit odd. Is this standard for medical turnbacks? As I ended up returning most of the items that were issued to me, would the opportunity exist to get these items issued to me again exist 6 days into BCT, or would the assumption be made that I somehow still possess everything that was issued to me. That aside, I feel like coming in 6 days late would deny me the opportunity to begin bonding with my classmates in my flight. Would I be permitted to enter on I-day if I so chose?

    In addition, with regards to all of the placement tests that were taken before (spanish) and during (calc, chem, comp sci, etc), would I need to take these again?

    I'm sure other questions will come to me as time progresses. I greatly appreciate everyone's input.
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    I cannot answer most of your questions but it is my understanding that if a cadet has to leave during BCT for a medical reason they will rejoin next year's class at the point they left. Did you break your foot at about the six day point?

    As for the other questions I would strongly suggest that you communicate directly with USAFA Admissions and get the answers from them. Just my opinion but I don't think joining the class of 2016 six days after I-Day will adversely affect your chances of bonding with your fellow Basics. Good Luck!:thumb:
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    There was a guy in my flight who was a medical turnback and he came in on I-Day with the rest of us. He was turned back at Jacks so I don't know if that has any effect on the terms. He was placed back in the same flight he was in last year, so be prepared for that also.
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    This strikes me as odd...the 2013 medical turnback who came back with my squad definitely inprocessed with the rest of us on I-day. I suggest calling your admissions counselor (or whoever is listed on the info you received) to ensure that wasn't a typo.

    Cadet 15 is correct; medical turnbacks are put back into the squad they were originally in. If the 2013ers who worked basic this year come back as flight commanders for 2016, you may already know them...

    I'd guess that you will retake the placement tests. If you go to civilian college and take higher level math/science/language courses this year while you wait, you may score better on next year's placement tests and thus validate more academy classes. However, you will get a by on some BCT procedures. If you had fingerprints recorded, security clearance filed, etc, you probably won't have to redo it.

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