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    How long did it take after completion of your (or your kid's) application before you hear anything about acceptance? I have everything done ( nomination received, cfa passed, grades in etc.) and didn't know how long it was before you could hope to hear something. Thank you ahead of time for any help.
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    There really is no set date/time, and there are several different possibilities

    Early acceptance and appointment-This means all is in order and candidate has a spot and needs to respond accepting the appointment. Several may have heard already.

    Conditional acceptance-This means candidate was accepted by the school pending congressional nomination, though noms were due with applications

    Regular appointment-Most of these go out between now and March 1st.

    Wait listed-This means the candidate did not get one of the allocated available slots yet, but is on a waiting list. Don't even try to figure out where you are on the list. These also go out between now and 3/1.


    Not sure what it's called but there are also those that can be accepted next year, if they do one year at New Mexico Military Institute. This is the USMMA prep school. This is not uncommon.

    If candidate is wait listed, the letter will tell you, they can be accepted as late as one week before indoc!. This obviously requires two plans for student.

    Our DS was wait listed in FEB, then one Sunday (April 1st!!), the Congresswoman called to congratulate him on his appointment. Needless to say, that was "interesting".

    Good Luck, and this is good prep for the roller coaster that is KP!
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    If you have not dalready done so I'd make acall t the admissions office and just enquire to esure that your full application package is considered complete by them (especially if the "you" calling is the actual candidate vice their paent). Any conversation they might then have with you during that call might give you smoe idea as to when your completed application package is likely to be fully and finally dispositioned.

    Best of luck in your quest.
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    When my son's portal showed Application on file they told me from the admissions office it would be at least 2 weeks. This is the second week and we are praying. He was a hold candidate last year and is currently at Greystone Prep in TX. Good luck to you!!!
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    We spoke with one of the admissions counselors last Tuesday and were told that our son's file would be reviewed within 2 weeks from that date. Anxiously waiting ....

    Good luck to your son,too!

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