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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Hopefully1654, Jul 12, 2015.

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    Jul 12, 2015
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    No way to put it other than the title. Running isn't so bad - can probably do 7:15 for the 1 mile (looking into NROTC mainly). Push-ups and sit-ups are atrocious though. 30 push-ups, 40 sit-ups roughly (2 minutes). Obviously this needs work, but I'm willing to put it in. Can someone help me out? How do I increase those stats rapidly? Does anyone have a rough sketch of a workout plan they can post? I want to get the application in by the end of August so I can get in front of selection quickly.

    Just FYI, the reason for my being so out of shape is that I had no intention of doing NROTC until very recently and therefore hadn't worked out very much, but other factors played in. Family not Doing well, etc, so I may need the scholarship to attend college. I'm going to start working out more regularly so I can get in shape by the time I join a unit next year, but I need to get my stats up NOW, not in a year. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you all.

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    You just do it. All of the above. You can find someone to run with about your speed, that may help motivate you. Joining a gym, getting a personal trainer, maybe a training thing called CrossFit. A lot of options but it just comes down to you doing it. of course, this is coming from a mom whose intense workout days are in the past. LOL. My DS got ready for OCS by running, doing pull-ups, sit-ups every day. Sometimes more than once a day. Check YuTube. It is full of people giving advice and demonstrations.

    Good luck!
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    have you ever heard of the workout program Insanity? That's what I used and it can get you in almost perfect shape in only 2 months although results already drastically improve at the end of the first month./
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    My DS ran a 7:30 mile last summer for the ROTC physical test. Last week he ran 14:15 for 2 miles at USMA during initial testing at Beast. He is a very motivated person and he ran 5-6 days per week once football was over in December last year. (Yes ... December! His team was in the state football championships here in California . It was a long great season.) The rest of the tests he could max. But even so, we built a pull-up bar in our back yard so he could regularly practice and get up to the 18 max pull-ups. It takes dedication. My DS doesn't have a long distance runners body type. He just kept running according to some program he found on the internet. With regular workouts you WILL get better. Start now and don't waiver from the program you choose.
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    There are tons of push up and sit up programs on the Internet. Core strength exercises will help both of these items. I just plugged in "push up programs" in Google and tons of programs for 100 push programs popped right up. I am sure if you did the same for sit ups it would help. Tons of running programs are available too. Make sure to keep running, add in some speed work too. Programs like Insanity, T-25, etc are all good if done consistently build conditioning and core strength. You could even schedule some time with a personal trainer to help design programs. They are pricey, but they could design a program and you check in with them every few weeks for progress.
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    Sometimes having a training partner is good. If you're looking for a coach, then you might consider you're strength coach for football; I'm sure you good train with the high school I'll team during summer workouts.

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