Rink finally finished...sorta


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Jul 17, 2006
The new Rink at the Naval Academy is in the process of putting down ice. The lobby and other portions of the facility are far from completion, but it appears they will have ice. The new rink is off Greenbury Point Road which is on the East side of the Severn River, across from the Academy. He skated in the old hall and talk to quite a few of the mids about their going NCAA varsity and hosting the frozen 4.

That place will be a fire hazard when they play Army and Air Force! (it only seat 2500)
If it only seats 2500 I don't see how they can host the frozen four. Wishful thinking I'm afraid.
Are they expected to go NCAA this coming year? IMO, Collegiate Ice Hockey is a blast - really makes the winter go by, I always thought hockey games were more fun than football!
The frozen four will be played in DC at the Verizon center (caps and wizards play use to be MCI). The mids thought they would go varsity this year. Because they wanted a year of NCAA under the belts before hosting, they joked about pulling a Holy Cross.




These kinda talk about Navy and the their bid.

And Women's ice hockey is even better. There is only "incidental contact" no checking. I have seen blood from "incidental contact" and no checking rule.