Road Construction on Highway 25 near the Academy -- plan ahead

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by dohdean, Jun 23, 2014.

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    I am the parent of a 2013 graduate. I was in Colorado Springs this weekend and wanted to let incoming families know that there is a significant amount of road construction occuring on I25 (the main highway which passes the Academy entrances) near the North Gate entrance to the Academy. This construction is impacting, in particular, traffic southbound from Monument approaching North Gate. Traffic for a couple of miles before the Academy entrance is reduced from 3 lanes to 2 in the southbound direction. There is also some construction activity northbound from downtown Colorado Springs on I25. If an email about this has not already been sent to families, check the Academy website and/or Facebook page as there was a long posting on the Academy Face Book page this weekend concerning the construction. As with everything you will do in your years at the Academy, plan ahead for possible traffic delays on IP Day and as you are traveling about the Springs area this week. Best of luck to all incoming Basics and their families!
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    Thank you very much. IMO, allowing Entrance via the South Gate for all, not just DOD, given the above, would have been appreciated. Maybe not possible, but more convenient for sure.

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