Roomate Interested in Joining the Air Force


Nov 4, 2015
So this past weekend my roomate and I were enjoying the warm weather and drinking some beers on our balcony when he broke down to me and revealed that he was having some issues with his current career path. He's a Junior in Electrical and Computer Engineering (dual major), and basically doesn't see much meaning in what he will be doing. He has always joked with me about joining the Air Force (and flying), but this weekend he got very serious about it.

I'm a 300 in AFROTC and will mention it to my cadre, but I wanted to see what the input was here for someone in his shoes. I've heard rumors of 1&2 year AFROTC Programs, and also that OTS is revamping. If anyone has any info I can pass along it would be greatly appreciated! He seems very serious about it and I don't want him to miss out on an opportunity that could be there for him.

Thanks to anyone who has read this post, I know it's long!
My son was informed that they are doing a 2 AFROTC program next year. He is a junior at AF ROTC program also. Being that flying isnt close to be a guarantee, is your roommate going to be happy if he doesn't get a pilot spot