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Jun 11, 2014
I revived a 4 year ROTC scholarship and am wondering when do I have to pass the APFT by in order to not forfeit my scholarship.
I revived a 4 year ROTC scholarship and am wondering when do I have to pass the APFT by in order to not forfeit my scholarship.

Are you concerned you won't pass? If your score was high enough to help earn you a 4 yr scholarship it really shouldn't be an issue.
You will be given the test within the first 2 weeks of school. If you do not pass it I believe it will be given every month.
Your scholarship will not start paying until you pass. Therefore if you do not pass within the first semester you will owe for that semester yourself.
And if you do not pass that first semester you should be given so much grief by the cadre for earning a scholarship and not passing your APFT.
I revived a 4 year ROTC scholarship and am wondering when do I have to pass the APFT by in order to not forfeit my scholarship.

Each Battalion handles it differently in regard to when you take your first APFT. I can tell you how it worked at my son's battalion, they were both 4 year scholarship cadets.

Son arrived on campus the Wednesday before school started, they had a short orientation and then went to the ROTC office to make sure they had completed all the required paperwork. He then met with his advisor to get his 104R signed and turned back in to the ROTC office.

The battalion had the APFT scheduled for 6:00am Thursday morning (the next day). Everyone that was looking to contract, SMP, cadets starting their junior year, 3 yr scholarship cadets that were contracting the start of their sophomore year, and the new 4 year scholarship cadets were required to be there to take the test.

The test took place, there were three new 4 year cadets taking the test along with all the others, my son was the only one out of the three to pass, all the rest of the cadets passed.

All the cadets that passed went back to the offices and signed their contracts. Later that afternoon they had a contracting ceremony, most of the parents were still there so we got to go watch....even had a cake.

That was it, they were contracted before the first day of school so their stipend started from day one, tuition was paid 45 days later and he had is book money in two weeks.

Now, for the two that did not pass, one dropped the course before the end of the first semester, the other got hurt (ankle) half way through the semester and they allowed him to try again the second semester. He never did pass his APFT and eventually was dropped from ROTC.

Having a good enough PFT to get a scholarship is no guarantee you will ever pass your APFT.

They way it will work is this, if you do not pass (and many don't) you will get more opportunities, when they decide to test you again is up to the battalion. Some battalions may give you an individual test and others may make you wait until the whole battalion takes the test again.

If you do pass the APFT during your first semester your tuition will be paid and you'll receive your book money. You will not start getting your stipend until you pass and contract and the stipend is not paid retroactive when you do pass.

If you fail to pass the first semester you will be required to pay the first semester's tuition yourself. It will be up to the battalion/brigade and possibly Cadet Command whether to keep you in the program and give you a chance to pass the next semester. If you are allowed to stay and pass the test the second semester then the Army will start paying your tuition, you will not however be reimbursed for the first semester.

Best tip, pass the first time, if you don't, and many don't, make sure you work hard to be able to pass it the second time it's given.

While working out this summer, make sure you are doing many more then the required number of PU and SUs needed to pass. This is to make sure you can do the required amount to the proper form required. This is what sinks most new cadets on their first APFT.

Best of luck, sorry for the novel sized post.
+1 to Jcleppe. DSs test was held the day freshmen could move in. Took test at 06:00 passed and contracted the next day or so ( I don't recall). The MSGT was his grader and DS said he was a hard ass! Search youtube for proper sit up and push up form, this will make or break you and others. Best of luck.
As usual I agree with Jcleppe and sheriff3 be prepared to pass day 1.
Pay is not retroactive. Each month you do not pass is $300.00. Money doesn't grow on trees ya know :)

I am NOT trying to be snarky (so I apologize in advance)


There is a month until you take it. If you got a scholarship you aren't in terrible shape so in a month you can at a minimum get into good-enough shape (unless this inquiry is based on an injury-but that is a different question)

Really what you should be asking is what are some tips to make SURE you pass on day1.
Thanks for all of the input! I would say I'm in good shape. I can hit the requirement for everything, I'm just getting a bit nervous I guess.