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Nov 3, 2007
I have a few questions regarding ROTC apps.

Does anyone know how important the order in which selected schools are listed? What if the top school listed by an applicant is no longer his/her top priority as often happens at this stage? Can the list be reordered and if so how?

Appreciate any help you may offer.

For Army I don't think the order of the list matters. The scholarships are awarded by the Battalion not by Cadet Command. You could conceivably get a scholarship offer for all the schools on your list.

I think - (note I said think) listing of the schools is so a Battalion can pick out which kids are interested in them. Last year my daughter got offers and info from plenty of battalions that were not on her list but were recruiting.

If your son/daughter has a strong preference or been accepted to a school on the list then I would suggest emailing or calling the PMS at the school.
Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. Was just curious at this stage. As you know son is waiting to complete the WP nomination process. He received notification that he needs to schedule an interview for the ROTC oricess.

Thanks again

You've been a big help

IMO - he should not wait in the ROTC process. He can go ahead and schedule his interview while waiting on WP...

Pursuant to previous USMA/AROTC discussion - there is a difference between not volunteering information and lying (even a little lie) - but I am sure I don't need to be explaining that to you!

My daughter wasn't even asked in her interview if she was applying to USMA - most ROTC kids don't. She actually found her interview fun - they sort of wined and dined her (figuratively- of course) - spent alot of time trying to convince her not vice versa!
It would be prudent to get moving on the Plan B!
Good Luck!

Good Luck!