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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by CoachBart, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I checked on my sons status update on the Army ROTC website and most things are listed as complete however a couple of things are listed as not being received yet that were sent in. For example it says my sons transcripts not received and it says my sons Physical Fitness test not received. Both of these were already sent in a couple of weeks ago from my sons school and his coach. It also says Medical Record not received but I got a letter in the mail already saying he was Qualified. My questions are, is the Army website just a little slow in updating these things? Should I re-send the transcripts and the Physical Fitness test again? I had nothing to do with the medical exam my son took for DoDMERB. I just figured they would send the results in to wherever they are supposed to go. Should I also send a copy of the "Qualified" letter too? Also, is there a phone number you can call or are all requests and correspondance only by email? Lastly, someone just please tell me what to do. Thanks.
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    I am not sure which method you used to send. Email is always better than snail mail since you can track it. With that said, Cadet Command can be painfully slow at times.


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