ROTC Interview


Jan 22, 2017
DS just got email today at 11:00 stating his interview dates avail would be tomorrow, Thurs, or Mon. Seems like a very quick turnaround time. We are still on holiday break so no way to get reference letter from JROTC advisor. Dilemma- do we try to bother him during break and get a letter, or notify interview board to possibly postpone for different date? Not sure of when deadlines are for next round of notifications.
I assume this is for AFROTC?

My opinion....
  1. Grab the most convenient is more important to get the interview done with. I'm sure your DS has other reference letters on hand.
  2. TRY to contact the JROTC advisor for the letter, but be prepared that he may not respond.
  3. At the interview, be prepared to explain that the JROTC letter could not be obtained over break....BUT BRING A FULL RESUME AND OTHER LETTERS WITH YOU (along with awards, news articles, etc.)
  4. After the interview, get the JROTC letter and forward it to the interviewing officer ASAP, along with a follow up message.
Others may have differing opinions but this would be how I would approach it.