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    Hey guys I am currently a rising senior in high school and I was thinking about what to do with my life after high school and after college. I don’t know if it may be a little too early but I was thinking about doing ROTC in college and serving in the Army after. But honestly I don’t plan on staying in the Army for all my life so when I get out I plan to join the FDNY. Coming from a traditional Asian family I am 100% sure that my parents rather see me as a doctor or something but I don’t think that life I for me. I can’t bare thinking about sitting behind a desk all day and just being miserable. But I guess what my question is that is joining the Army and then the FDNY after a good idea? Also would I be limited to certain MOS's in the Army after ROTC? Like can I be a Military Firefighter or a Navy Corpsman if I do NROTC (Marine option).

    Thanks in advance
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    Actually, you are a little behind the usual schedule. But no problem... take a few days or weeks to define what you want by posting here, searching the Internet, and then fill out your ROTC applications... At least Army and Navy, maybe Air Force too, though I don't know much about Air Force. Is your idea about "joining the army first, then joining the Fire Dept" a new one? Joining the Army is a huge commitment. Why do you want to do it? Is this a recent desire, or something you've been thinking about for a few years?

    No issue... what can you really know at 17? Maybe when you are serving in the Army you'll find you like it a lot, and you might prefer it to what you think being a Firefighter would be like.

    Most people I know who sit behind desks, including military and civilian, don't find it miserable. Where did you get that idea?

    There are no MOS for Officers. There are 16 Branches. Have you ever considered enlisting and not being an officer?

    Sure, why not?
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    This isn't a direct answer to your question, but more of an informational post. As a 22-year fire service member (Captain/Shift Commander) I can certainly tell you that you will have plenty of time behind a desk even as a new probie. Every call that you go on you will write a report. If you rode in the back seat of the engine and never stepped foot outside it will take you 15 minutes. If you actually did some fire suppression or it was a medical call that you perfomed patient care, it can take an hour. Then your officer will usually send it back to you for clarification or re-write. If you move up to an officer post you will have run reports, safety reports, shift reports, etc......
    On top of that you can add in the continuing education to remain current in firefighting and medical. You will spend a lot of time at the station studying. There is also federal schooling that you need to keep current for FEMA, ICS, etc.
    I am guessing that you'll spend more time behind a desk with FDNY than you would as a doctor.


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