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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Swag, Sep 25, 2016.

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    Anyone at Auburn University on an ROTC scholarship? If so please comment on your experience. My son is completing his NROTC Marine Option application and he is at the spot where he has to list his 5 schools. He's chosen a few SMC's that seem to be a good fit, a state university, and is looking at listing a university close to FL. Any tips would be appreciated.
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    Swag: glad to hear your son is interested in the USMC. He shouldn't have any concern regarding Auburn's NROTC/ MO program. I have heard good things about Auburn's program but my information is dated. Fact is, the NROTC staff at any university turns over approximately every three years and so it is likely that he will see a new regime between now and when he graduates. All NROTC programs are run up to standards. I suppose some have better reputations but they can (and often do) change culture when the staff rotates out.

    The process of picking 5 schools is more an art than science. There is a lot of dialogue on this within this forum. Use the search feature to help find some suggestions/ commentary. In general, pick schools you can get into; select schools you want to attend and Apply to all the schools you list.
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