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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by armyROTC10, Aug 31, 2008.

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    I am currently in the Ohio Army National Guard; I joined in May of 2005. I completed Basic training and AIT already with no problems. In February 2007 I started taking the medication Concerta for ADD. Prior to that I had no problems in the military. My guard unit had no problem with it, I enrolled in ROTC at the University of Akron, school has started already and I am in the junior level ROTC class. So the first week I find out that I need a waiver because I am on the medication. Now I have never took any medication in high school and still performed to the Army standards. The waiver should be submitted in a few days. I never had any discipline issues with the military and the civilian life prior to taking the medication in 2007. My question is what are the chances of that waiver getting approved?
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    armyROTC10 - I can't answer theoretical questions on an area I have no authority over with any degree of precision. The Commanding General of US Army Cadet Command is the wiaver authority and has delegated the operational decisions for medical waivers to the Cadet Command Surgeon. But, as an experienced outsider, who is close to the process, and who doesn't know who you are or the facts of your case (you can email me at, I can give you an opinion of the issues at hand.

    From only the information on your posting, the positives are your demonstrated military service. Some of the areas the waiver authority may explore are: What caused you to be prescribed the medication as a junior in college? How long does your physician intend on keeping you on the medication? What effects has the medication had on your academic and life skills performance? Those and maybe other areas will be the focus of any medical waiver decision.:thumb:

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