ROTC Nom advice


Dec 26, 2015
I have been debating about asking my pms for a nomination request. There is another cadet in my battalion that is reapplying, except my peer went on blabbing his mouth about how he is reapplying. Many of the MS4's give him comments about it. Unlike my peer who is a walk on, I am a contracted 4 year MSI and I do not want to be given a hard time by both cadre and MS4 especially since my true goal is to be an Army officer, and if I don't get into West Point I will gladly work just as hard in ROTC at my university. Furthermore, my PMS has so many cadets to handle etc that he does not even know who I am practically. I feel torn. Anyone been through this? any thoughts?
First, clarify in your mind that you are willing to delay commissioning for one year in order to start over at USMA.

If this is okay in your mind, then speak with your MS-I advisor or your ROO depending on who knows you best. They will likely tell you what you need to do to earn a nom and arrange a discussion with the PMS.

What the other cadet is doing is clearly bad form. On the other hand, walk-on cadets are not inferior to a 4 year contracted cadet like you either.

Keep your attitude on an even keel and treat all fellow cadets equally. Work hard and you will achieve your true goal.

Good luck.
Each detachment is a little different and hopefully you have some idea how the response will be received. MY DD's MS-I professor, who was an ROTC grad, picked on her about why would she want such a thing but the PMI, who is a USMA grad. was fully supportive.

@AROTC-dad is correct in that you need to decide what you want and then do everything you can to get it. I have a little different opinion about "starting over" or "wasting" a year. You are only 18 once and you are currently "living the dream" with a good scholarship at a good school. The experiences you have will never be lost or wasted. You need to chase your dreams.