ROTC nom- can someone explain the difference

Hi- I'm trying to understand the difference between "Secretary of Army" nom (bc it lists being a member of ROTC) and the actual "ROTC/JROTC" nomination. I added a screen shot. Looks like 3 additional noms some ppl can apply for: top box/ “secretary of army”- I outlined in yellow. Next box/ “Active duty members”. Next box/ “ROTC”- outlines in green. Trying to figure out the difference between the yellow & green descriptions I outlined bc both mention members of ROTC. If DS is in AROTC, can he apply for both? If not, which one does he apply for bc the 2 forms are different. Appreciate any clarification and help!

My apologies if I’m not making any sense or if I've made this confusing...but I am confused:( Hoping maybe one of the ROTC ROOs can chime in:) Also, DS did fill out ROTC form with PMS and did interview. Should there be anything showing up in his portal that shows he's applying for this? I thought I read an old post where the poster commented there was something showing in the portal (but it was not any notification of receiving the nom, just notification of applying for it). If I can find that post I will try to post it.57011902570__12F8B202-42FC-4E63-96B4-5ED9B67F79C0.jpg


I filled out the form for the Secretary of the Army nomination because I am in SROTC and thus qualify for this nomination. I believe this just puts you in a pool of candidates who are eligible for this nomination, but it's not the same as applying for an MOC nomination and I don't really know how these are given out. If your DS is in ROTC, he should do both the yellow and green forms so that he is qualified for a service-connected nomination (yellow) and an ROTC nomination (green). Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, apologies for not understanding you in our previous conversation @serviceaboveAll.

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They are basically the same. If you have not completed the form I would suggest you get on it today. It is due to your RC by the end of the month.

Basically these nominations are just like an MOC nomination but puts you on a different slate. You are competing against everyone else who has that nomination. There are 100 Presidential and 20 or 25 ROTC available spots.
@USMA 1994 Thank you! DS did the ROTC form with RC and interviewed back in the fall. Just trying to figure out if he should try the "Secretary of Army" form, too? He has tried asking his FFR and I've tried asking on here, but no one is able to tell me if there is a difference between the 2. Everyone keeps saying look under the description in each box- I do and I see they both list ROTC, so am I missing something? DS can apply for both?

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We went through the same thing a few years ago. You are eligible for a Service Connected Nomination from the Secretary of the Army. The ROTC portion has a different form that needs to be completed by the PMS. The rest of the categories do not need a form completed by someone else.