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    Hey everyone! I, like a lot of people, and playing the waiting game with USNA and hope to hear back before April 15th. However, I have a question concerning ROTC noms. I know that USNA can only accept 20 from that category each year, but when do they offer appointments to people under that category? Early in the admissions cycle, right at the end, or somewhere in the middle? I only had an ROTC nom to USMA and I head back from them in February, but idk if that's the same with USNA. Has anyone heard back yet under that category? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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    No rhyme or reason when appointments under that category might be charged. Additionally, they aren't necessarily all charged at even if someone else was in a similar position as you and received an appointment...doesn't mean you will or won't receive one. I also don't believe there is a requirement to use all 20. It just states they can accept up to 20 appointments from that nomination category.
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    I'm always confused when people refer to Junior ROTC as ROTC when they have nothing to do with each other.

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