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    I was wondering if anyone can give me feedback on what my sons chances are of being accepted to into the ROTC/Military Academy. He is a high school senior and started his applications for all branches of the military three months ago.

    The local Navy recruiter already interviewed him: he actually contacted my son and went to his school to pick transcripts up etc. We are really hoping he gets a scholarship because he is 100% committed to a long military career.

    What are the chances of his application being successful:

    - GPA 3.6 (4.5 weighted)
    - SAT 1210 (Reading/Math) 1780 total, Hopefully he will get that higher.
    - Four years JROTC, Company Commander
    - Varsity Football
    - Over 100 Volunteer hours in the last year
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    I looked at this in comparison to my daughter's record (USNA '14, 4-year NROTC scholarship turned down).

    * Looks like his grades are good.
    * Rumor has it you want Verbal and Math at least 600 each on the SAT.
    * Leadership: check!
    * Service: check!
    * Assuming he has passed the fitness exam and the DodMERB exam.

    He OUGHT to be 3Q'd. That said, Florida is a competitive state (like Texas) for nominations to the Academies. (that is, lots of applicants for a limited number of slots.) There is some kind of nomination through JROTC, right?

    Actually, there is more competition for NROTC slots than for USNA slots. :rolleyes: Fewer NROTC slots available. You might snoop around and find if there are any colleges not filling their NROTC quotas. (NROTC scholarships are to a specific college. AFROTC scholarship goes to any college with AFROTC. Don't know about Army.)

    Hope your son gets an interview with your US Representative and/or US Senator and does a great job!
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    All extras look good except for 1200 reading/math but it all depends (1200 is usually low average). For the academy it depends on the Admission Board and no one can tell you what they will do. His first and only goal right now should be the nomination. Without a nomination there is no appointment to a military academy. He should have had or been scheduled for a congressional interview by now. For ROTC Scholarship he again looks good but they are few and far between and they concentrate on high Math/Reading scores and projected course of study. He could still do ROTC without the Scholarship and get a Commission. If he is over eighteen don't let him sign anything with a recruiter!!:biggrin:

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