ROTC Scholarship question

Feb 5, 2018
I am just wondering if anyone can tell me why it is taking so long for my sons scholarship to be paid to his school. This is for the fall semester and his CPR was approved December 6, 2017. I have been in contact with the ROTC office and they have stated that they are waiting on Cadet Command to send the money. I am only wondering about this because there is a balance that is owed to the school for the fall semester and now his registration is on hold. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
The school should know that he is on an ROTC scholarship, if he has not already reminded the financial aid or bursar's office, he should. My son's was also delayed, but his university waived any registration holds and advised him that they are aware of payments sometimes being received late, so they do not penalize the student for this.