ROTC Scholarship, to USNA question.

Apr 1, 2016
Hello, I received a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship last night. However, my dream has been to attend USNA. I was curious if I do not get an appointment can I accept the scholarship then reapply my freshman year to USNA?
My kid had a classmate in the same boat. Declined by USNA, went to RPI on a NROTC scholarship, reapplied to USNA and got in. Now she's a pilot. Good luck!
This can be done and may be even better ensuring that the candidate really wants to attend the service academy. You have to start the process over and it almost takes more time since you are not close to the people you need help from. Some of your information will carry over from year to year, but you will have to re-do many things in your portal. You will also have to start over in terms on the nomination process. The academies keep test scores and letters of recommendations but the MOCs typically do not. You will need to resend test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendations. Best advice is to start early because it does take time.