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    I still do not entirely get this program. I recieved the 4 year Army ROTC scholarship, and I wouldn't mind doing national guard additionally.

    I need the benefits to cover room and board, and I wouldn't mind some pocket money. How does this exactly work? Can someone explain more clearly what this is besides me attending once a month trainings?
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    I don't believe that you can participate in the SMP program if you are an Army ROTC scholarship winner unless you have a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Scholarship.
    Below is from the VMI Website.
    Simultaneous Membership Program

    The SMP is a program in which ROTC contracted cadets simultaneously serve as members of the US Army Reserve (USAR) and ROTC as officer trainees. The program is available for all non-scholarship cadets and mandatory for all Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Program (GRFD) Scholarship recipients
    Cadets with “campus based” scholarships are not eligible to participate in the program unless they convert that type of scholarship to a GRFD Scholarship.

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