ROTC still boarded


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Feb 9, 2017
I am still boarded after the results coming out. I assume it is because of my fitness assessment score. I was just wondering what a good mile time, push up, and sit up count would be ideal. Also what else would I be able to do to increase my chances.

Thank You
My DS is still Boarded as well. It is my understanding that once you are Boarded there is nothing new accepted, so you are stuck with the scores you already gave, whether it's PFT, GPA, Test scores, etc.

Looking ahead to the end of March for the final Board announcements.
Keep the faith, I remember this week last year very well. This is about when my daughter broke down thinking it was over and she wouldn't get one, and started second guessing herself as an applicant. The good that came out of it was she started really focusing on being prepared for her plan B and plan C, but was then awarded a 3 year the 3rd board. It isn't over!