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Jan 29, 2008
I was recommended to repost this here as I originally posted in the USNA forum.


So take the following scenario: Navy ROTC 4-yr scholarship at a state military college. excellent performance & grades as cadet/midshipman. Desire to "transfer" (apply) to the USNA.

I have a bunch of questions.
  1. Would it be possible to transfer/be admitted to the USNA if you already have a NROTC 4-yr scholarship?
  2. What happens to the original NROTC scholarship if you are accepted to the USNA?
  3. Does having the Navy already pay for 1-2 years of a civilian college before USNA add to your total commitment when you graduate, since you essentially are "starting over" at USNA for another 4 years?
  4. What would be the procedure to apply to the USNA for a college student already on an NROTC scholarship?
  5. Will new SAT scores be required? If so, are you forced to use the SAT scores used to get the NROTC scholarship or can you retake the SAT as a college student and use the new scores?
  6. Is the GPA based on the old high school GPA or the new college GPA? What role does the high school GPA play if you have been in college already 1-2 years?
  7. Are high school teacher recommendations replaced by Naval Science instructor recommendations?
  8. Would you apply for nominations the same way as a high school student? With your MoC?
  9. Would you still need to be interviewed by a BGO, or can your Naval Science professor provide an interview?
  10. Do I need to meet all the standard deadlines for high school students (such as for nomination packets, etc.)?
  11. Would MoC, BGO, USNA, etc. discriminate against such a "non-traditional" USNA candidate?
  12. Not that anyone would necessarily want that, but is it possible to get an invitation to attend NAPS if you are already a college student if you don't make the cut?

Sorry for being anonymous. Don't want to imperil the current situation if folks associated with the program become concerned about the perception of "double dipping"...
Until someone with more knowledge comes along (and they will), here is an Army mom's 2 cents:

Try reading the posts, especailly Dmeix's, on this short thread:

I think you should contact your BGO or talk with your NROTC Commander. Either or both can help you answer your questions. I do not think you are "double-dipping". It is expected that some NROTC mids will want to apply to USNA.

My uncle was in NROTC at Duke and applied during his freshman year to USNA. He is Class of 1961 :wink: so the Navy has a lots of experience helping candidates like you.