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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by adoloris, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Hi all, I am looking for input from any former rotc cadets who have attended or are currently attending USMA about your decision making process to leave civilian college in favor of West Point. Thanks
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    I did it about 20 years ago. I loved the ROTC program, but felt lost at tehcollege itself. My thought was apply and see what happens, if I get accepted and don't like it quit before the fall semester starts. At times during the beast, I felt like why am I doing this and ready to quit. I didn't, I graduated from West Point, and will make the same choices again.

    Since you can't look into the future, you have to ask yourself what attending West Point means to you. The end state for ROTC and West Point is the same, becoming an Army officer. West Point does gurantee active duty service whereas with ROTC you might not get active duty service after your commissioning.
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    If you are applying to USMA and for the ROTC Scholarship, be sure to list Marist College as one of your school choices. We are the closest ROTC program to USMA. One of our former Cadets just finished his Plebe year at USMA. He was able to drive over to USMA for his Admissions appointments between classes. We would have loved for him to stay with our program but understood that USMA was his dream.

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