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Jan 10, 2009
I'm trying to stay in MD, and the university that I'm looking foward to has an ROTC program, but no NROTC. If I do well in ROTC, could I still get recommended for USNA?

Oh, and I'm planning on 1 year of College (rotc) and then re applying to USNA
I took that course out of high school. I got the nomination, medically qualled, but no appointment. Took the NROTC scholarship to Univ. of Washington, Seattle and reapplied to USNA at the same time.

From ROTC, you're eligible for a nomination from your unit's CO, significantly increasing your chances. Admissions also looks kindly upon previous applicants...they like persistence.

I'm sure if you do well in any ROTC program and get a good recommendation from your command that you can get into USNA.
Hey,DMeix. Sorry you are in Hell. :wink:

USNAChrisKim, is the ROTC you are considering Army ROTC?
Aren't you here too?

I don't look at it as 'Hell' so much anymore. Yeah, times can suck, but I think I might actually miss (parts of) this place after next year...maybe just our awesome proximity to 'Dillo's

Plebe year, I had my regrets for leaving an awesome school and NROTC unit, but I look at the opportunities I've had to pursue my desired career selection, and there's no way I could have learned this much in NROTC. It's a great program, but the Academy just has that advantage of being the Navy's little baby.
DMeix, I was referring to how you noted your location as "Annapolis (read: Hell)" in your personal info, upper right corner of the post. :biggrin: I am glad you no longer see Annapolis as "Hell". :thumb: It sounds like NROTC was a good place for you to spend a year.

And good luck to you chriskim...someone who knows more about ROTC will be along soon...

'Dillos, DMeix? Just a nice place to eat? :wink:
Ha...I haven't been on here in so long I completely forgot that I had that there.

Yes, that's exactly why I go to 'Dillo's...;)