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    My basic question is? Is it possible to transfer a Army ROTC scholarship in the middle of a MS III year. I already am aware its not advisable but MAY be neccesary to attemp in DS case.

    Brief Background.

    Original engineering schoarship was transferred to a non-engineering school within the same battalion, with the idea from the recruiting officer to transfer to GT. State of Georgia only had one engineering school 2 years ago and that was GT. They allowed Univerity of Georgia and Georgia Southern to now have Engineering. So GT increased their admission requirements. DS is waiting to hear from GT in June, but thier average GPA is 3.5 and DS is 3.33 so it will be close. He has also applied at UGA and spoke with the ROTC recruiter there. THe school has denied him entrance until the Spring Semester. The ROTC recruiter says he can help, but so far no news. In DS current school he has a total of 4 classes he can take toward his engineering degree. If GT does not accept him for the fall and UGA will not until Spring. He is almost forced to go to UGA in Spring or not have any classes left to take for the Spring semester to apply to his engineering degree. So does anybody know if it is possible to transfer in mid school year?

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