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    How much running do the CCs do during beast? Do they run every day? If so, how many miles usually? Do they normally run in running shoes or do they run in their boots? How often do they run in their boots?

    Which do they do more of during beast - ruck or run? Do they also work up to rucking with a 40 lb pack? DD has been working mostly with a 20-25 lb pack and is doing well. I picked it up the other day and, frankly, my old body could not imagine carrying around a 40 lb pack for more than a mile or two.
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    One thing she has to advantage is......her youth!!

    They do all of the above plus tested on it during her AFPT. She will be required to complete March Back in full battle rattle, 45 lbs rucks. She will have her peers to help her its a team that she joining, a team, not to be confused with a sherpa, where someone will do it for her. As her career in the Army develops, she will learn her efforts will be award upon.....her efforts.

    With about a month left before R-Day, have her run and enjoy herself with family and friends.

    I know your looking for absolutes on PT. And what I'm going to say will upset you, but after your 90 second good bye, she will transition from your princess into a woman who is now in the United States Army. She must learn to make her success and succeed from her failures.......on her own. I know she is your princess but rejoice in knowing she has become the woman she wants to you have raised be off on her own.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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