SA commencement speech

A president has spoken at more than one in the same year, in the past.
The rotation sequence is notional, and does occasionally change for various reasons. Often it's for political reasons if some issue is being highlighted in a speech, and for whatever reason, SA X is the right backdrop.
I wonder if it's to patch up the damage done by the proposed cuts in the initial draft budget. Could also just be a scheduling issue.
The departure from the normal rotation is because President Trump is scheduled to attend a NATO meeting in Belgium on 25 May and a G7 Summit in Sicily 26-27 May. With USAFA on 24 May, USNA on 26 May, and USMA on 27 May, President Trump was unable to accept offers to speak at any of these ceremonies, understandably so.
but wait, that makes too much sense for the military, it must be Bushs fault