SA + SMC Differences?

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    Hi, I am interested in attending USMA and I'm familiar with the application process and requirements.
    I have no clue what so ever on how admissions work for SMCs like VMI, which I want to use as back ups.
    Could someone give me the requirements needed, like nominations, sports, etc?
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    AVT- this link should answer all of your questions and provides you a link to VMI's online application as well. Basically though- applying to VMI is no different than applying to any other college- there are no noms required. If VMI is your backup and your primary is USMA- then I would assume that you are very interested in commissioning as an Army officer- hence I strongly recommend that you also apply for an Army ROTC scholarship for which I have also listed a link thru the VMI site.
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    SA VS State/Private Military Colleges


    I am a graduate of Norwich University and work as an admissions officer at a state maritime academy.

    In response to your question;

    State/Private military colleges have the same application process as "normal" colleges. As opposed to federal service academies - you do not need a nomination AND an offer of acceptance in order to recieve an appointment. You need to contact each State/Private military college and go through their application process and, hopefully, be offered acceptance.

    The biggest difference, from my perspective, is accessibility. Lots of people would like to attend West Point - however - because of that - West Point can be very selective. I encourage you to try as hard as you can for an appointment to West Point - and to cover all of your bases by also applying to VMI, The Citadel, Norwich and any other uniformed college/university.

    I wish you well through the process!

    Roy "Fuji" Fulgueras
    Director of Admissions
    Massachusetts Maritime Academy
    FAX 508-830-5077

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