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Feb 13, 2009
My son informed me about this site a few days ago after he got his appointment packet to the AFA...sooo i decided its time to check in and get active in his process. Just a little about myself...AF ROTC grad...:smile: looks like my son is already one up on me going to the AFA:thumb:
CheckAirman with a local airline...also "flying a desk" with the local Guard Unit...F-15C transitioning to F-22 within 2 years. My son and I and wife are looking forward to Orientation...we are contemplating whether or not to go with him to Inprocessing in June...I know it will be an emotional moment for my wife and I...probably more me:redface: We are definitely coming to Parent Day...:thumb:

One question I have...he is planning to try out for football..he chose NOT to get an appt. through the "athletic' route...does the AFA have a walk on try out policy? Should he send the coach his recruiting tape now that he is in through the academic-overall category.
Welcome! I'm pretty sure there are walk on try outs. Also, your son can fill out the athlete information on the website. Check out the thread regarding this in the AFA section.:cool: