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    If you graduate from ROTC from a university, are you the same ranking and get the same pay, benefits, opportunities as someone that completed an Academy? Are you also just a Reserve Officer or can you be Active Duty Officer if you finish ROTC?
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    Yes. The same goes for those that commission through OCS.

    You should specify which branch of ROTC you are asking about, each one could get you different answers. Army ROTC, you must compete for active duty, and if selected, will commission as a reserve officer but have that changed to a regular army commission when you start active duty. For example, I am a ROTC grad and AD officer, and I have 2 oaths of office in my record. A reserve commission from the day I commissioned and a regular army commission from the day I started active duty.

    Based off your questions on this forum, you should spend a lot more time searching through past threads. You'll learn a lot
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    In the old days, Army ROTC grads got a Reserve commission while USMA grads got a Regular Army commission. This provided extra protections against separation for USMA grads. ROTC grads did not get an RA commission until making major. They had a Reserve commission but were on the active duty list (ADL). That changed after 9/11. Now, almost all officers serving on AD have an RA commission (except AGR officers and mobilized Reservists). A commissioned officer is the same regardless of the commissioning source.

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