Sandhurst Competition - TAMU Wins Gold Patch

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    From the Texas A&M University Commandant's weekly newsletter:

    ARMY ROTC Ranger Challenge Team
    Congratulations to our Army ROTC Ranger Challenge Team for finishing first among ROTC teams at the prestigious and grueling Sandhurst Competition at West Point, New York. Texas A&M was the only ROTC team to win the coveted Gold Patch at the Sandhurst Competition, a competition that includes teams from around the world, including England and Canada. Congratulations to all of our cadets and the Army ROTC cadre that trained them so well for this very tough competition. Very proud of all our cadets who participated this year, once again showing how Texas A&M cadets excel at all that they do! Well done by all who participated, representing our Corps and our University in superb fashion! Rangers Lead the Way! Gig 'em!

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