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    I asked this question in another thread, but I buried it while I was trying to offer up some info on SAT concordance. Hoping someone might have seen info about the writing portions of the standardized tests.

    Something I have been curious about for a while. Because CGA will superscore (even mixing SAT and ACT component tests), is it necessary to take the writing portion of each exam multiple times?

    If the candidate is satisfied that they either achieved their best result possible (or maxed the component), surely they do not need to continue to take that optional portion of either test?

    Has anyone ever gotten an official read on this from CGA (or any other service academy)?

    Finally, I know that some competitive schools actually read/consider the SAT/ACT essay during their application review - is the same true in the service academy process?
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    It isn't necessary to take the writing portion several times if you are satisfied with the score. Be sure the exam with the writing assessment is submitted to Admissions along with other exam dates you want considered.

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