SAT Plateau

You’re taking pre-calc right now? Are you a senior? There might be a couple of math concepts on the SAT that you haven’t covered in school yet. I strongly suggest going through the entire Khan academy math SAT prep curriculum. You don’t need to just review—you need to learn some new concepts/formulas.

If you’re a junior, then you’ve got plenty of time to learn and prepare so no worries. Definitely make it a priority to increase your score though
I am a senior
Learn more about SAT test strategies. Practice tests under a timer as much as possible. Khan Academy for math is really helpful. Look for SAT prep books at your local library. Some of the reading comprehension problems people have is not really understand what they are reading. They are in a rush and read fast without comprehending what it was they read. Read news articles completely and make sure you are understanding what you are reading. It just takes practice.
FWIW, I have seen posts from people who scored 19 on the ACT secure scholarships. I am sure that whoever did that had some very impressive credentials in other areas. My point is this: prepare for the test as best as you can. Give it your best shot, and take it again in December if need be. But, at the end of the day, that test will not define you. Go ahead and make the best OVERALL application you can, have a great interview and let the chips fall where they may. As long as you can look yourself in the mirror and know you gave it your all, you can be proud.

My DS is in the process of completing his ROTC application now, and his ACT test score is probably the weakest piece of his puzzle so far. He's taking it again on Saturday and will go a third time if need be. Based on his credentials, I think he'd be a shoe-in for a scholarship with a solid ACT score, but I can't take the test for him or predict the future. One thing I do know: he is committed to seeing the process through, and he says if he doesn't get a scholarship, he's attending the college of choice, joining the battalion and competing like hell for a campus-based scholarship.

All you can do is all you can do.
If you are a senior, you are running out of opportunities to test for this cycle. Looks like there are 2 more?

I would suggest trying the ACT. Sometimes one is ‘easier’ than the other. And USNA superscores even between the two tests.

Along the line of test prep, there are online tutors with different fee structures that can help pinpoint strategies. My DS was stuck in one subject and his tutor was able to identify something after a couple sessions…his score went up several points. And he said that the tutor pointed out he was approaching something incorrectly. Point is, a coupe sessions were a game changer for him, in his testing approach.

Lastly, if you have done the best you are able to do, then that’s the best you can do. Don’t shy away from applying (future readers). Prep programs could be offered by a SA. Or an appointment /ROTC. You never know! It’s a WHOLE PERSON APPROACH.