SAT Scores


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Mar 9, 2017
Unfortunately, I was unable to get my SAT score up and after hearing about some of the appointee's statistics this year, I figured I had no hope with a 1210. I'm torn though because I did receive both a congressional and senatorial nom. The rest of my application is really good, I am just worried about the SAT scores. Curious to know if SAT score is the primary thing they look at? And am I even qualified with that score?


Mar 10, 2017
From my knowledge, I had friends that earned a Falcon Scholarship with lower scores than that. Albeit they might've had parents that have gone through prior service (not completely sure it helps but it might). Just cause you might be slightly below the national average doesn't mean your out. If your at the top of your congressman's slate that is a good sign. Take my advice with just a grain of salt though since I only found out today...


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Jan 31, 2013
You still have a chance. It depends upon the rest of your package, whether you meet a minority designation, your athletics, leadership, gender, etc. If you're attractive to admissions a 1210 won't stop you from getting in.
Jan 8, 2017
SAT is part of the Academic Composite which accounts for 50% of the whole selection composite. If your SAT reading/writing is at least 580 and math 560 or 24 english/reading and 25 math on the ACT, you should be in consideration. The other items included in the Academic Composite are Class Rank and GPA. They also look at if you took AP and Honors classes. Don't lose hope. You are in game until you get the TWE and sometimes they offer very few appointments after you get the TWE. I hope you get in but have a safety net by having a plan B and C. Good luck.