SAT VS ACT test?

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    Hello everyone,

    My son will be an incoming HS junior this fall. He has dreamed to in the academy since he was in 5th grade. My brother is in the CG for 20 years as flight tech on the HH-60. He was the inspiration for my son's decision for his career choice, which is to become a helicopter pilot in the USCG.

    My question is which college test looks better or weighs heavier on his application?

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    Usually there is no difference. The Academies just superscore your tests. I know friends that have gotten into USAFA, USCGA, and USMMA that have just taken one or the other. Try one of them, if you don't do as well as you thought try the other. The point is to get a good score on one or both of the tests, but they don't weight the SAT higher than the ACT or vice versa.

    Brian Andre

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