SAT "Writing Score"-- Different from Essay?

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    Hi all!

    I am a current high school senior, who will be applying for the class of 2022. Long story short, I didn't apply b/c my parents discouraged me from applying. I'm honestly not sure exactly what I want, but I do know that you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, so in the mean time I'm applying for the Air Force Academy. :)

    Obviously I've already taken the SAT. I'm working on filling out my nomination forms right now and it asks for three types of scores-- SAT Verbal, SAT Math, & SAT Writing. I scored 1480 (730 math & 750 "evidence-based reading and writing.") What is this writing score-- is that the essay, or is that the tw0-digit "writing and language" subscore? Which one is the senator asking for? And in general with USAFA-- do I need to take the SAT with essay for admissions at any point? I did take the SAT with essay once and got a total of 18; but my best "writing and language" subscore is 38, which obviously is way better.
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    Not everyone has updated forms to match the 'new' SAT scoring. On DS' nomination app we just wrote in the essay score [eg 7/7/6 out of 8]
    You have to send your official scores to MOC anyway; just make it clear as you can on the app form - no harm in attaching an unofficial printout of your scores from SAT website.
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