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    O.k, I know no one can tell me whether or not I will get in, but I was wondering what my file will look like. I am homeschooled so I have no sports, and after reading other posts I have become somewhat disheartened.
    In short, I have
    3.67 GPA (Unwieghted, and absolutely NO extra credit was ever offered)
    640 Reading, 630 Math for the SAT
    I am Medically Qued, and I think my CFA should pass.
    I got 3 Noms, from my Senators and Congresswoman.
    Since I am Homeschooled, I put a LOT of comments in the comments section, this is exactly what I said.

    Nursing home volunteer: (10 grade)
    Band member: (10,11 grade)
    Ronald McDonald House: mentoring and assisted with renovations. (11 grade)
    Participant in Fredrick 72-Hour Film Fest: (11 grade )
    Urban Outreach: mentoring and assisted with renovations: (11 grade)
    Tackle football pick-up games: (11,12 grade)
    Lawn mowing business: (10, 11, 12 grade)
    Farm hand-- jobs ranging from painting to use of heavy machinery. (10,11,12 grade )
    Wood cutting for neighbor: (10,11,12 grade )
    Poll worker for primary and general election: (11,12 grade)
    Spring Mills Middle School Social Studies Fair Judge (12 grade)
    Anticipated-- Spring Mills Middle School Science Fair Judge: Dec. 3, 2008 (12 grade)
    Anticipated-- High School baseball: (12 grade)
    Anticipated Tutoring: Urban Outreach (12 grade)

    I have a strong interest in many areas of science, which I independently study. By the age of 11, I designed and built a small car with a lawn mower engine and plywood. Between the ages of 13 and 15, I designed a complete one person submarine. Recently I have been exploring areas of science ranging from aeronautics to alternative energy. I have been hunting and fishing for over 10 years. I run 3 miles/5 days a week. I have designed and constructed several large sheds, and have worked at numerous construction sites.

    O.k, so this is not what you would expect on an academy app, but i was told to put everything down. As a Homeschooler without a sport, do you think I stand a chance? Thanks for any input, and best wishes to everyone else competing for an appointment.
  2. Ethands15

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    Oct 31, 2008
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    Also, would some of you who have gotten appointments mind posting some info about your profiles?
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    Do not become disheartened. If you weren't competitive you wouldn't have gotten three noms!
    Absolutely, you stand a chance. Of note:
    Excellent GPA
    Good SATs
    A broad range of activities
    Little Leadership mentioned, (mentoring twice)
    - I'm a little surprised with your interest in science that there is no mention of your own performance in HS Science fair.
    - You do not mention if you have visited USNA, believe it or not, that helps.

    From my limited view, solid record which will be competitive.

    Keep up your spirits. You are in the long waiting period now. Try to have patience and trust that things will work out for the best.

    BGO since 2004, USNA 2007 dad, CDR USN (ret)

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