Saturday at the CGA


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Jun 9, 2006
There was a prediction for really bad weather Saturday in CT...nevertheless myself and a good friend took a ride up to the CGA to watch the game against Worcester State. Fortunately the rain held off and we were treated to a great game in which the Bears made a comeback from 14-0 down to win 21-14, the winning TD coming on a brilliant 80-yard pass from Niles Pierson to Cale! There was a decent crowd on hand...probably kept down due to the forecast.

The dance team did a terrific rendition of "Thriller" at the half...excellent job by all including their special guest Mr. Hernandez who mimicked the "Gloved One" brilliantly.

The Windjammers also performed their "John Williams" competitive show.

Steve joined us for the game...for some reason the Bear costume is "MIA" so he wasn't able to do that job. We had a nice visit with him.

After the game I took my friend on a tour of the base and we were able to move on without getting rained upon...that came much later! 2-3 inches and 40 mph gusts overnight. :eek:
Football Game

Hi Boss 51
We also prepared for the rain on Saturday during the football game. It was a great game against Worchester State. I'm a little more partial to the defensive side of the ball. I believe that the final score was 17 - 14. And a thank you shout out to all the alumi that provide us with the great seats.
Yes you are correct about the bad...but yes it was a great game...the defense kept the team in it.:thumb: