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    For Indoc, to open up the Savings account at USMMA we were asked to bring 50 Dollars. Is this in cash or check form?

    It also asks for a Credit Card. When is a credit card needed or used? Thank you
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    I couldn't find it in the Logging In but last year, if you didn't already have a Navy Federal Credit Union account, you could open an account during Indoc. I believe that the minimum to open an account is $5 and could either be cash or check.

    No more than $50 was the suggested amount of cash to have on hand for any initial incidentals. I would have some of that in smaller bills. If I remember, DS also took a roll of quarters to have in case upperclassmen asked for change.

    The credit card was suggested on the page about team movements in that if hotels or other upfront expenses were required, it would be helpful to have a credit card until reimbursement was received. Personal effects page 14 also suggested $100 in travelers checks or a credit card.

    DS already had a NFCU checking and saving acct w/ a VISA check card which he used as a 'credit card' for buying LIRR and AMTRAK tix, items at the NEX and for items that he bought online and had shipped to the academy. We did get him a credit card before sea year for emergencies (if ship was late and he needed a hotel room). We set it up so we both have access to the accounts which is helpful while he is out to sea. :thumb:
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    Check works fine. If you have a NFCU near you at home you can open the account before you get there and I'd recommend doing so. If your parents are going to be occassionaly helping you out, then I recommend them getting an account there to as then they can transfer money to you even more easily online than if they are doing it from their account to yours. Either way I'd also suggest you get both a chacking and savings account at NFCU. There is a branch right on the USMMA Campus and there are lots in major Navy Ports - including overseas.

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