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    Seeking advice from any other upper classmen parents. DD will be a C1C next year and had wanted to take Astro third session this summer. All the seats (35) have been filled by cadets on Ac Pro. There is no other class she can take this session that she has not already taken.

    There are some classes she an take second session however she had been told she cannot change her leave time. She apparently spoke to the officer in charge of her squadron and that did not help.

    She is now going to have to take Astro in the fall with six other inredibly hard classes (Orgo, Anatomy, etc.) for a total of 25 hours.

    She has been trying to get this figured out on her own but does not know where to turn for help.

    Anybody have any ideas if it is possible to switch leave time?
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    DS was able to get his summer leave period switched last year to attend a close friend's wedding. He had the full support of his AOC, but getting the change approved was still very difficult. His AOC laughed with him about "how many hoops she had to jump through" to get approval. Without the AOC's support, I suspect that getting summer leave changed would be even more challenging if not impossible.
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    25 hours is insane. I double majored and never had more than 22. Sounds like her advisor seriously let her down.

    Core Astro isn't that hard, it just sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Is it not possible to take it in the spring?

    Giving up leave isn't the end of the world, especially as an upperclassman. If the choice is between 25 hours and giving up leave, I say spend a laid back 3 weeks in beautiful Colorado Springs this summer. At least the weather will be great :cool: