Schedule of NROTC?

Prospective USMC

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Apr 29, 2013
I have my PFT and Officer interview next Saturday (12 Oct). What do I need to have done by that point? I have already sent in my SAT/ACT scores, I have my Letters of Recommendation all lined up (any format for those letters?), and I am ready for the PFT. However, do I have to complete the DoDMERB prior to doing the PFT? How would that work with the government shut-down? Would I have to do it with a civilian doctor before next Saturday? Just trying to get a sense of what my week is going to look like. I also send in my application tomorrow afternoon, just in time to get info on Monday morning.

Prospective USMC
DoDMERB is not done unless and until you are awarded a scholarship. At that time they will send you information on which doctors you can go to (you use their docs who are contracted and approved). No need to worry about the DoDMERB at this time. I assume the rest of your application is complete and submitted? Good luck with it! Hope all goes well! :thumb: