Scheduling DODMERB


Nov 14, 2017
My daughter received her winner letter dated November 9, 2017. She did not accept the scholarship (and choose her school) until the first week of December. The Application site "additional information" tab states that if you have not heard from DODMERB within 30 days of your winner letter, you should start the process on the DODMERB website.

Is the 30 day waiting period affected by her short delay in accepting the scholarship? Specifically, should we wait another couple of weeks or go ahead and start the process without the DODMERB contacting her first?

Check your SPAM folder first. The first time that DoDMERB contacted my DS, it went to SPAM.
He didn't know he was supposed to start the process, until he got a nasty-gram from DoDMERB telling him that his 45-day window was going to expire in 10 days.
I'm telling you, getting the online stuff done and getting the exams scheduled and completed in that 10-day time frame was brutal. I think he had 1 day to spare.

The day of the exams, he called me from the doctor's office and said that they told him that myself or his mother had to be there with him (as he is still 17) during the exams.
So I high-tailed it - to the farthest spot one could possibly be - across town and spent 2 glorious hours in the waiting room. They never needed me for anything.

Yes. Get her on that DoDMERB website and get it done NOW!
You havent received any kind of email at all? My son accepted his the day after thanksgiving. We received an email about starting the process on 11/27 which is the Monday after he accepted. So I would think you would have heard something by now.
She sent in her acceptance right after she completed her preknob visit at The Citadel, the first weekend of December.

Nothing I. The email yet....