Scholarship Effect on Admission


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Oct 27, 2008
My son has applied to Texas A&M and he was awarded a 4 year Army ROTC Scholarship from the first board that met in September. Does anyone know if this adds weight to his chances of acceptance. Do the scholarships add weight to the admission chances in general for the other senior military colleges?
I can't say for sure, but I do have some general thoughts.

Only one SMC's application asked if I had applied for an ROTC scholarship (Norwich University).

I think it may help on the application if he can put that he's been accepted under the "Awards" category because it shows that he is in reasonably good shape and expresses himself well. Plus, it's proof that he's intending to commission upon graduation, and Senior Military Colleges want more of their graduates to commission (generally speaking).
CadetMom777 -

There is no guarantee that TAMU will offer your son admission.
Will it help? Yes - I am sure of it. Please make sure admissions knows he has been offered the scholarship. Have your son contact admissions and mail them a copy of his scholarship award.
Good Luck!
He Got in to A&M!

My son received word today that he has been accepted to Texas A&M! The ROTC scholarship really did make a difference! Gig 'em Aggies.
Congrats, I'm hoping the oppisite works for me. I was accepted to Drexel, hopefully that will add weight to helping recieve the scholarship, interview is on monday.
Congratulations!!! TAMU is a fine school and their Corps of Cadets is top notch!
Just curious - are you from Texas?
flyersboy114- Thank you and good luck on your interview. If you are interviewing at Drexel, and they know you're already accepted, I'm sure the PMS will be eager to write a great recommendation for you.

Just_A_Mom- Thank you as well. Yes, I am a Texan by heritage (although I have lived in California the last 20 years). I am an A&M graduate. My father is an A&M graduate. My sisters and brothers-in-law are Aggies... do you see a pattern here? Needless to say, we are so happy that the 3rd generation is about to start there.
Ahhhh A legacy! Fabulous! I bet they will be thrilled to have your son.
My dad is an Aggie. Grad school for two years in the 60's courtesy of the USAF.
CadetMom777-Thanks! I am not at all nervous about the interview, have been through an ALO, BGO, and two senator interviews. Thats sweet though about the recommendation!