Scholarship Question... AROTC


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Feb 22, 2009

I'm obviously new to this board and new to the ROTC. I'm hoping to contract this coming Fall semester after LTC this summer. I have two more years of school left...
My main concern is my GPA, I am a transfer student to my current University and since I have been at my current school I have only taken one class in which I failed. Therefore my GPA is below 2.5... Is there still a chance I can receive any money? The Major at my University says not to worry about....? Honestly I do not think I can contract unless I get aid...
Thank you everyone, I enjoy the board!
According to the goArmy website, the minimum GPA required is 2.5. That is one of the basic requirements to even be eligible. However, if your Major knows some way to get around that, follow his advice and apply.