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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by 18mamag, Oct 19, 2013.

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    Our DD was nominated by her Athletic Director for our state High School Athletic Association's Student-Athlete Scholarship. Should she apply, and if awarded can the money be used toward travel expenses? She received her LOA in August and plans to attend either USNA or USMA pending nomination and appointment.
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    Mar 8, 2012
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    As a preliminary answer (others will likely find the link I cannot find right now):

    At USNA, scholarship funds generally get applied against the ACE Loan balance or other equipment/clothing issue expenses. Travel to USNA for Induction Day gets reimbursed at government-allowed rates. Travel for personal purposes (e.g., to/from home on leave) is personal and discretionary, and using scholarship funds to cover those would be specific to the scholarship.
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    Should she apply? Yes, no reason not to. Attendance is not guaranteed since she could be hurt and lose an appointment. Even with an LOA, without a nomination she can't get an appointment.

    Can it be used for travel? See OysterMom's response, but echoing her - not likely unless the scholarship can be used for any expense including personal travel.

    I can't speak to USNA, but at USMA scholarship money can be applied to the cadet account. This has the effect of supplementing the monies which are withheld and automatically withdrawn to offset the cost of computer, books, uniforms, and other expenses.
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    There's really no reason not to apply. Our experience with a private scholarship (from my husband's company) was that since DS was going to a service academy, he was given a check for the funds, which he put in his savings account. This afforded him the opportunity to go to Dublin last year for the Navy/Notre Dame football game, and he's using the balance for his USNA class ring.

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